Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Struggling to get any shots.

This bitterly cold weather is no good if you are a fair weather birder like me and you want to get out there with the camera and get some shots.Never known so much snow at this time of year.

A bit of good news on Sunday my neighbours feeders had run out of seed and some birds went on mine for a change.The best birds were a couple of Siskins,a lone Lesser Redpoll and a few Goldfinches.Even better and very rare for my garden was the brief appearance of a Goldcrest which as usual was too quick for me to get a shot.In fact the only half decent shots I managed in the gloomy conditions were of the Siskins.

 On the way home yesterday lunchtime from buying some paint I very bravely called in at Brueton Park for a quick look.It was almost deserted and was bitterly cold with a wind straight from Siberia blowing.The only birds I found worth pointing the camera at were firstly a Grey Wagtail near the top bridge.

The second bird I took some shots of was a Wren also in the gloomy area near the top bridge.I  do like the shot of the Wren caught in the wind.

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