Sunday, 21 April 2013


Hoping that something really good would drop down to Marsh Lane on migration I made another couple of visits with fingers crossed.

On Friday I found 3 Yellow Wagtails on one of the railway pool islands.A bit far off for my lens but the one on the right might be a Blue-headed although the jury is still out on that.

A couple of Oystercatchers were being amorous on a nearby island.What disgraceful behaviour !!!

Did manage a few shots of one of the Willow Warblers in the back gate coppice. 

That was it I'm afraid.No great rarities.I went down early on Saturday morning to try again.The causeway area was very busy with many birds looking for nesting material. Blowed if I could get many shots though and I kept missing the Sedge Warblers in the reeds.I did get my first shot of the year of a Common Whitethroat though.

There was a distant Barnacle Goose on the far bank of the railway pool but that was it.No rarities dropping in. 

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