Monday, 22 April 2013


Don't get too excited it was only very rare because I found it and I hardly ever find anything.

First things things first I'd gone down to Marsh lane again on Monday morning hoping that something decent had dropped in.The Willow Warbler that has taken to give concerts just past the causeway screens was in a good mood and was happy to pose for some shots this morning.

I then had a brief look at a bird I could not ID (nothing new there then) and could only grab one shot before it disappeared into the brambles by the back gate pond. I'm hoping it's a Grasshopper Warbler but that could well be wishful thinking.

It was after I'd been in the Oak hide for the second time for a while when I spotted a bird that had just dropped in.My companion (name withheld on request) said it was a Ruff.I soon persuaded him it was a Plover but which.Grey or Golden ? A quick call to John Oates helped us to ID it as a Grey Plover.A very nice find.

The other birds took a dislike to this very nice looking bird in particular the Lapwings and it was chased around a lot. 

Eventually it landed not too far away and I was able to take some shots.Hardly ever seen these chaps in land.

LATE PS : It is a Grasshopper Warbler.Confirmed by the top guys.Wow !!! Didn't realise at the time.Hope it stays.

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