Monday, 29 April 2013


On Monday morning I popped over to Brandon Marsh to try and get some shots of Warblers.As I started to walk round I was disappointed to find  a cold wind still blowing and it wasn't so bright as forecast. This could have been the reason why I struggled all day.

It took me ages to find a Common Whitethroat.

I failed to get any shots of the Blackcaps I saw they were all in skulking mode.It was pretty easy to get some decent shots of Willow Warblers though.

I failed completely with Sedge and Reed Warblers which I heard well enough but never saw.I didn't even hear a Cettis Warbler.I think the numbers are well down.Did find a Garden Warbler though and managed a single shot.

I was very surprised to hear that yesterdays Wood Warbler was still about and even more surprised to get a couple of crappographs.This Wood Warbler had been to the Goldcrest branch hopping school and never was still for a second.Very nice to see though.

Just as hard to get a shot of were a pair of Lesser Whitethroats that my good friend Jeff Rankin put me onto.The little devils skulked deep in the bushes and I wasted so many shots as I couldn't focus on them.

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al said...

i think the wood warbler photos are quite good considering it was always on the move