Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Shot over to Brandon Marsh this morning getting there not long after 9.00 AM.The weather was very good it was sunny,warm and best of all there was very little wind.

As I walked round the reserve I thought to myself the birds are going to be everywhere enjoying this spring weather and will be fighting to get their pictures take.Wrong !!!! it was a struggle to find anything it was very quiet.Everyone I met said the same thing.No one was seeing much at all.Very strange.

All I got all morning was another so so shot of a Lesser Whitethroat and a shot of the Hybrid Goose.This was not what I expected.

It was all a bit depressing but things livened up considerably when I found the film star waitress was on duty in the cafe.She looked stunning with her hair down for a change.Had a long chat but it was about her upcoming engagement which was not ideal but still very enjoyable.

Earlier on I was tipped off by John Oates that not far from where I live a field near Boxtrees garage had some decent birds in it so cutting my losses I headed over there.

Parked up in a lay-bye and a quick scan of the very large field showed there were up to 6 Wheatears,a lone Yellow Wagtail,a couple of Skylarks and a few Golden Plovers.I couldn't see the reported Whinchat. Although they were all a long way off very nice too see

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