Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Not having been out with the camera for a few days as soon as I finished some shopping this morning I headed over to Brandon Marsh.

I got there at 10.30 AM and found it overcast,damp and pretty chilly.Had a bit of luck along the main path when I spotted a distant Cuckoo in a hedge.

Not only did I see nothing of interest from all the hides along the main path but I saw no birders until I entered the Carlton hide where a lone birder sat in the corner.He quickly told me "He'd never been so cold in May before and he'd lost feeling in all his fingers an hour ago".He also said that he'd not seen any Hobbies all morning.

I then went down to the Newlands screens where it was pretty quiet.I then used a photographer's trick : Start eating and something will show up.Just as I was half way through eating a salad roll 2 Hobbies turned up.

This time I decided to be patient and wait for the Hobbies to be in the sky before taking any shots thus increasing the chances of getting them in focus.The trouble was they seemed to fly low all the time and often far off but I managed a few shots of these cracking birds.

If you look carefully in these two shots you can see the remains of what they were eating.Mayflies ??

Usually when I go to the cafe I'm cheered up by chatting to the film star waitress.This time it was different !!! We'd been chatting for a while and I was getting lost in those blue eyes when she said that she was leaving this week.

It was like a knife being plunged into my heart.I screamed out and sunk to my knees and begged her to stay but she wouldn't budge.I strode off and immediately resigned my membership of BM in protest.You wont see me there again.Well not till the next decent bird turns up.

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