Saturday, 18 May 2013


When I had a tip off  early on Friday morning from John Oates that there was a Med. Gull on the railway pool at Marsh Lane I couldn't go.Nearer lunchtime Nic Barlow tipped me off that it was still there and as I'd finished all my chores  I shot over there.

The car park was empty when I got there at 12.30 PM so I was not confident of it still being around when I entered the Oak hide.Nic had given me the spot it was last seen but I'm blowed if I could see it.After 40 minutes of  having no success and going insane looking at BH Gulls I left the hide and headed for the railway hide where I'd heard a Cuckoo calling.

The Cuckoo must have moved on because it was not calling but as I scanned the islands I very quickly spotted the Med. Gull which of course was much nearer the Oak hide.Just as I got back to the Oak hide I met up with Andy Hale and we soon enjoyed good but distant views.

Spotted a Common Tern with a good sized fish which it managed to eat with ease.

Just as I was about to drive off the Cuckoo started calling again from the stream line.As it flew across the crop field I managed to get a single crappograph. Nice to see one at Marsh Lane however distant.

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