Sunday, 26 May 2013


Having been forced to stay in on the last two days by the dreadful weather when the weather looked like it was going to be good on Saturday I was keen to go out there with the camera.Where to go was the problem because all the local patches were having a very thin time.

Decided on Brandon Marsh in the end because the Hobbies might show again now the weather was better and chances of bumping into friends there was good.

Got there just after 9.30 AM and bumped into two friends who had both been there for a couple of hours.The news was not good "It's very quiet".I had a good wander around and they were right it was very quiet but after waiting for ages at the Newlands screens two Hobbies turned up and for quite a while put on a great show.

I did get some pretty decent shots but it was disappointing to see most of my shots were out of focus.I failed dismally to lock onto these great birds most of the time.

Got a couple of shots of them with what they were catching (Mayflies ?).

Amongst the loads of crappographs I managed to salvage these.

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