Monday, 27 May 2013


Went over to Marsh Lane Monday morning getting there not long after 8.00 AM.I was glad I'd got a warm coat on because although it was sunny it was pretty cold and very windy.

Spent most of my short visit at the causeway screens.The only interesting thing I saw on the car park pool was a couple of Redshanks fighting off a BH Gull and what a fight they put up.  

At the causeway screens a Sedge Warbler was singing out.

Not too far away a couple of Great Crested Grebe with some chicks were showing.There were at least two chicks and possibly three all well hidden on the back of one of the parents.

It was very nice to see one of the parents catching a fish and luring one of the chicks out from it's free ride to be fed.

There was an interesting thing that happened in the reeds just in front of  the causeway screen.There was a sudden violent thrashing in the water and the reeds were being bashed about.Blimey I thought it must be a crocodile making that amount disturbance.

What it was in fact was a very large fish at least 60cms long (a Carp I think) that had apparently come into the reeds to clean itself.Several others came in and did the same while I was there.Fascinating to watch.

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