Saturday, 11 May 2013


On Friday morning I went over to Brandon Marsh even though the weather was not good.I got there just before 10.00 AM to find it windy,dull and pretty chilly.Wonderful !!!

Had a bit of luck in the Baldwin hide where the Barnacle Goose was showing not too far off.

Then absolutely nothing (no birds and no birders) from the EM hide,the Teal pool hide,the Carlton hide and the Newlands screens.Where were all the birds and where were all the birders ? I did notice that the weed on the Carlton pool seemed to be getting much worse.Is this hide doomed?

From the Newlands screens I did notice an Osprey had taken up residence on the nest.If only !!!!!

Checked all the hides again on the way back and had no luck at all although there were two birders in the EM hide but they were having a deep discussion about knitting.

Did have some more luck in the Baldwin hide when I spotted a Common Sandpiper on the small islands.

Just off the main path to the Wright hide I heard a Garden Warbler giving a concert and managed a few shots before it moved on.

I then heard a couple of Lesser Whitehroats calling out from deep in the brambles near the Olive Wood bench.What followed was yet another losing battle with these chaps trying to get a decent shot.After nearly 40 minutes all I got was 3 crappographs because when they did come out in the open they kept pinging around and never kept still.Miserable so and so's.This is all I got. 

Had just as much trouble with a couple of Blackcaps in the New Hare Covert.They also kept pinging around in the trees.What's wrong with all these birds !!!! This is all I could get.

Things didn't improve when I entered the cafe. The film star waitress was not on duty.

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