Wednesday, 5 June 2013


The weather forecast for Tuesday was very good again so it was out with the camera to try and get some decent shots but where to go was a problem because the only show in town locally was the Hobbies down at Brandon Marsh.So as soon as I'd done some early morning shopping it was there I headed.

Got there at 10.00 AM and the first birder I met as I walked the main path in lovely sunny weather in formed me "It's very quiet I'm off home".Oh dear !!!

I soon ended up at the Newlands screens and was pleased to spot a couple of  Hobbies hunting over the scrapes.I was there for nearly three hours and during that time up to four Hobbies showed but for most of the time they all stayed down the southern end which put them into the sun.Not good for getting shots unless you are keen to take silhouette shots.

I did manage some decent shots but did take loads of crappographs. I picked the wrong time to wander off a little to eat my lunch because a Cuckoo landed in the dead tree and flew off just as I  went back to the screens. 

The only other shots I took were off a family of Chiffchaffs (or Willow Warblers).Two adults and three young which were fascinating to watch as the adults fed the young constantly calling out to them.

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