Tuesday, 25 June 2013


I was keen to go out with the camera this morning because due to recent poor shots taken at Ham Wall/Shapwick Heath I'd had a go at micro adjusting the lens to camera hoping shots would now be a little sharper.

Deciding to stay local I thought I'd go to Marsh Lane but first over to the churchyard were I'd found a pair of Spotted Flycatchers earlier in the month.Although I'd seen the SF's on previous visits I'd failed to see them on recent visits.

After an hour searching the private garden area and round the churchyard I'd not seen hide or hare of them but just as I was about to leave I saw a small bird land on top of a distant gravestone.It was a Spotted Flycatcher.I immediately slipped into fieldcraft mode and slinked along in the shadows until I got into range.

Chuffed to bits to see one of my favourite birds using the gravestones to catch flies I managed some decent shots.

After no more than a couple of minutes a large man wearing the brightest red shirt I've ever seen appeared from no where and walked right by the bird.He must have seen me taking shots.What a burk !! My little friend flew off and did not return by the time I left  an hour later.Got a flight shot though.

I then went over to Marsh Lane and found this delightful young Reed Bunting on the causeway.The lens/camera micro adjustment seems to be working.  

When I went into the Oak hide I found three of my mates in there : Brian , Jeff and Peter.Some entertaining chat ensued and very little birding I'm afraid.

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