Thursday, 27 June 2013


Went out with the camera pretty early this morning because the weatherman warned me it would be bright first thing before clouds and rain would roll in by mid morning.As it turned out it was a very pleasant morning right up to lunchtime.

Didn't fancy going too far so I yet again headed to the local churchyard where I've been lucky enough to have seen Spotted Flycatchers.I love these chaps one of my favourite birds.Got there just before 9.00 AM and despite looking round everywhere for ages I had no luck at all .

All was not lost because I had noticed some young Swallows waiting patiently to be fed by their parents so I thought I'd try for some feeding shots.Here's a shot of one of the young waiting to be fed. 

Getting shots of a parent coming in and feeding the young was a real pain.You have to hold and point the camera at one of the young for ages and as soon as you take a rest the parent bird flies in and you miss it.The parents took ages to gather some food and when they come in they stay for a split second and they usually feed the young bird you are not focussing on.Did manage a few decent shots though.

Needing a rest from the Swallows I waited patiently for a Spotted Flycatcher to show.Eventually one showed but it only stayed for two minutes before flying off.It returned twenty minutes later but flew off after only one minute.I don't think there were many flies flying around and they were feeding in the trees. Didn't do so well as last time on the picture front but great to see and I did manage another flight shot.


bob duckhouse said...

Hi Max,Struggling to find any Spot Flys in this neck of the woods

Max Silverman said...

Hi Bob.These pics taken at Berkswell churchyard.Not too far for you.