Sunday, 7 July 2013


Although I knew that July was probably the worst month to go to Norfolk if you wanted to get some decent bird shots I needed a break so I thought to hell with it and booked a few days.Another reason to go was that one of my regular hotels the Pheasant at Kelling had " Changed hands and had undergone extensive refurbishments". I was curious so early on Wednesday morning off I went.

Arrived at Sculthorpe Moor NR (near Fakenham) at just before 9.00 AM.It was very overcast but dry as I set off down the broadwalk that takes you to the hides.As expected there was not a lot to see but I did have limited success from the main hide where several Marsh Harriers had nested in the marsh. I've had trouble with these chaps lately I think they have blacklisted me and fly away when I try to get a shot.This is all I managed in the morning gloom.

I left the reserve at lunchtime and set off to the hotel to check it out.I was not disappointed it had changed completely and was now very much upmarket.My room was one of the best I'd ever stayed in.The bed was larger than my front lawn and the room had all the facilities you'd ever want.I fully expected one of the cupboards to contain a beautiful young woman but alas no.

In the afternoon I went a short journey down the road to Salthouse beach.Unfortunately it was even gloomier now with rain in the air.I was the only birder there and no wonder there was nothing about.All I found was this Linnet that managed to look good in the gloom.

To fill in time I tried to get shots of the numerous Sand Martins flying around but I failed very badly.

By late afternoon I was knackered so back to the hotel.Had an enjoyable day but as expected no decent shots.Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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