Sunday, 14 July 2013


Yes after my few days in Norfolk it was back to local birding.Not surprisingly being July I struggled to find anything to point the camera at.

I tried for the Wood Sandpiper down at Marsh Lane but could not find it.Visits to Lapworth, Baddesley Clinton and Packington went unrewarded and I couldn't find the Spotted Flycatchers  in the Berkswell churchyard although I did get a Green Woodpecker.

On Saturday morning I paid a visit to Brandon Marsh and went straight to the Steetly hide to join some friends who were after the Kingfishers that have been showing well there.I didn't have to wait long before a male turned up and I was able to get my first KF shots for quite a while.

It flew off but soon returned with quite a large fish which I am told is a Pikelet.It did the usual battering on the pole to kill it then flew off again with the fish still in it's mouth tail first presumably to feed young.

I then left the hide and walked up to the Newlands screens to try for the Hobbies.This turned out to be a mistake because it was so hot now it reminded me of when a plane I was in crash landed in Death Valley California and the heat nearly killed me.Oh No !! That wasn't me that was John Wayne in an old film.Anyway it was very hot and the Hobby soon flew off.

Later that evening whilst washing up the dishes a Sparrowhawk landed on my fence.In raced upstairs grabbed the camera pointed out of a bedroom window and managed one shot.This shot is very special as it may be the only one taken when wearing yellow Marigolds. 

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Louis Bain Wildlife Photography said...

Look like you had a great time. The brandon kingfishers are always the best! I got one of them without having to wait.