Monday, 22 July 2013


I have been out with the camera since my last blog but I confess the heat has curtailed my efforts and sent me racing home to cool down.

I was very chuffed to get a shot of a Red Kite in Knowle not that far from where I live.

A visit to Marsh Lane was hard work with the camera but I managed a few butterfly shots.A Large Skipper and a Small Tortoiseshell. 

The only bird shot I managed was this Reed Warbler but I did miss a Blackwit by about 10 minutes.

Didn't go out with the camera then till Sunday morning when not wishing to go far I went to Brueton Park.I got there just before 9.00 AM and was not surprised to see loads of dogs there.There were more dogs than people as  most bring more than one dog and the owners look at me and and seem to say "Where's your dog".

As it was a Sunday very soon the children arrive and the place is quickly swarming with very small kids racing round on very small bikes all playing who can scream the loudest.So why did I stay ? I found just a short walk down the main path a family of at least 4 Goldcrests pinging around in the conifers.So I got some great shots then.No don't be silly as usual with these chaps I struggled to get onto them.Far too quick.Great fun though.

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Louis Bain Wildlife Photography said...

Super captures of the goldcrests Max. The sun seems to be trying to cook me! I've cooled down a little now that school has finished ...