Monday, 26 August 2013


Feeling grotty still on Sunday morning I did not feel like walking round a local reserve so I drove over to Earlswood lakes getting there just after 10.00 AM hoping to see the Arctic Tern seen there the day before.

As I arrived on the causeway I soon realised I was under dressed as it was pretty cold and breezy.It was also very gloomy but these conditions had not put  the fishermen who were there in their droves and the sailing club were also out in force.

There were about a dozen Common Terns zooming about both sides of the causeway but I'm blowed if I could pick out an Arctic Tern.A Common Tern landed obligingly quite near and posed for some pics.Pity the light was not better.

Managed some shots of one of the juvenile Common Terns flying around.

Someone else watching thought that this was an Arctic Tern but I was not convinced.

Didn't stay long as I was knackered and quite cold.What a wimp !!!

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