Saturday, 31 August 2013


On Friday I had no intention of going out with the camera because an old health problem had flared up again and was leaving me even more knackered than usual.So my plan was to stay in and mope.However when at lunchtime I received a bird text "Black Tern on Engine pool at Earlswood lakes" I  gathered what little energy I had and set off there.

I somehow climbed the steps up to the causeway and then had a bit of luck when I bumped into a birder who told me the Black Tern was on the island in the middle of the lake.Here is a shot of it in it's favourite spot.

This turned out to be a lazy bird and only flew round the lake occasionally so you had to be patient which I find very hard to do.These chaps tend to zoom around very quickly but I always fancy my chances of getting a decent flight shot but only as long as they are in the sky.If they keep low with trees or the water in the background I'm buggered.This one kept low most of  the time so I was soon amassing a large quantity of crappographs. Did fluke a couple of shots of it with a fish it had scooped up. 

It did fly a bit higher later on to allow me to get some more shots pity though each time it was flying away.

After a couple of hours my last reserves of energy were fading fast so to prevent having to call in the air ambulance I headed home very pleased to have seen a Black Tern locally.

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