Sunday, 11 August 2013


I've been out several times this last week to local patches with the camera looking for birds to capture but have failed very badly and have not seen anything hence the question Where have all the birds gone ?

I did find a Little Egret at Marsh Lane last week but managed somehow to mess all 45 shots taken and had to delete the lot.

So I was not at all confident of finding anything at Brandon Marsh when I arrived early on Saturday morning.I had a nice walk round but after a couple of hours I had not taken one shot.Things improved a little when I found two Green Sandpipers on the Teal Pool.

I ended up in the Baldwin hide with two fellow photographers and you can tell how bad things were because we were all delighted when a Great Crested Grebe cruised by the hide and we were able to rattle of some shots.

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Anonymous said...

it's the same here in my garden in london, silence, birds and animals know when something is wrong before we do don't they, unfortunately the chemical sprays that are sprayed daily in geo engineering programmes across the world is taking it's toll on wildlife, and us "chemtrails"