Friday, 2 August 2013


Went to Marsh Lane Thursday morning little did I know as I parked up that I would see three Wood Sandpipers on the railway pool.So I got some great shots then.Don't be silly !!! Yet again the little devils would not come close enough.

From the Oak hide I soon found the one that has been around now for nine days.It stubbornly remained in it's usual spot along the edges of the furthest island.This is typical of the shots I was getting.Oh dear !!! 

When this one went out of site two new arrivals appeared first showing at the back of the channel in front of the hide.These two were even worse than the other one as they stayed even further away.I had watched the three of them on and off for nearly three hours in the heat of the day so not longer after 1.00 PM I gave up defeated still waiting for a decent shot of a Wood Sandpiper.Here are a few crappographs of the two of them together.

The only other birds I took shots of were a young Little Ringed Plover and an Oystercatcher that flew by the hide.

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