Sunday, 6 October 2013


Have been down to Marsh Lane for quick visits during the week and each time was lucky enough to see the Hobbies.I saw two together but a friend did see four one day.I was a bit surprised they were out and about because the weather was pretty grim most of the time.Too dull for any decent shots but got these two in the rain.

On Saturday morning I went over to Brandon Marsh for the first time for a while but it was a bit of a mistake as it was very quiet and the camera was not used once.Luckily there were quite a few friends there and the chat helped us to get over not using our cameras.

I noticed that the volunteers had made a start on getting rid of the weed that's choking up the Carlton pond.What a job that is.Good luck to them.I also noticed that the same weed is spreading down the pools in front of the Newlands screens.

I left Brandon at lunch time and called in at Marsh Lane on the way home.Saw a Common Buzzard just after entering the car park hide but as usual it drifted away.What was unusual however it suddenly drifted back and flew pretty low over the hide pathway.

After a walk to the Oak hide to see if the Hobbies were about (Surprisingly they weren't .Have they gone ?) I headed back to the car park hide where this young lady was spotted resting up on one of the islands.It was a female Mandarin Duck which I was chuffed to see because not only had I'd not got a shot of one but I had never seen one before

She started to move around a bit and had a good preen before going back for another rest.Lovely bird.

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