Saturday, 28 September 2013


I love Hobbies.It's great to watch them zooming around and a real challenge to get even a half  decent shot so when it was sunny on Friday lunchtime I thought I would nip over to Marsh Lane and try my luck again with these cracking birds.

Got there just before 1.00 AM and bumped into John Oates as he was leaving.He had seen a Jack Snipe and a Curlew and he said he'd had a Hobby on the Railway pool.

Soon saw one as I sat in the Oak hide but it very quickly flew off.After half an hour just when I was going to give up two Hobbies appeared from nowhere and started hawking round the pool.A couple of times they flew very close to the hide and the speed they go at is amazing.I dashed out the hide and rattled off a few shots from the path.

They flew off again and disappeared  for quite a while.Again just as I was about to give up they both appeared again this time zooming around the stream line.Managed some shots I was very pleased with because you can see the dragonfly it had just caught.

Had an amusing incident as I left.There was a car parked the other side of the main gate by the cottages.It was right up against the gate.A man dressed all in black was just setting off to walk his dog.I went into aggressive mode and said "You can't park there it's not allowed" He said "It's OK they allow me I'm a policeman".He then flashed his ID.For some strange reason said "Is that real".What an idiot !!! I soon went into sheepish mode opened both gates and drove off.


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Keith (Boatbirder) said...

My god Max a 1AM start is very early for you lol!!