Friday, 1 November 2013


Before talking about the Dusky Warbler I have to confess a Double Dip.No one wants to do one of these but I managed it.

I had dipped on the Hoopoe last Tuesday (See last blog) and was dismayed to find out later when I got home that it showed very well not that long after I had given up and gone home.So I had another go on Wednesday getting there at 10.00 AM but not after I unbelievably got lost again.It didn't show all day and was probably feeding somewhere in Normandy while I was waiting for it to show so I had to record a Double Dip.Damnation !!!!

Just after lunchtime today I heard about a Dusky Warbler that was at Marsh Lane.It was very gloomy and it was drizzling so not my weather at all but I'd not seen one before so off I went.

Joined a group of top local birders in a corner of the very muddy horse paddock field.Quite soon I heard it call and then got some fleeting glimpses of it flitting about low down in a hedge.Suddenly after about half an hour it showed very well but by the time I'd got the camera up it had shot off again so I ended up with an empty branch shot.

Still I did see it and got a life tick.

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