Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Yes on Tuesday morning I went over to Brandon Marsh and had a decent morning with the camera.It was probably due to the decent weather for mid December which was sunny,calm and not too chilly.

Got there at 10.00 AM and headed first to the Hawthorn hedge by the coach car park to see if any Winter Thrushes were feeding on the berries.There were some Redwings and a few Fieldfare but as usual they were very skittish and I couldn't get close.

I then headed straight for the EM hide hoping that a Black-tailed Godwit that had been around for a few days was still about.It was on the right hand island but was asleep on the far bank and half hidden.I waited ages for it to wake up but it wasn't paying ball.Luckily a drake Shellduck swam over and I was able to get some decent shots.

After an absolute age the Godwit woke up and stated wandering around but it would not come close.Nice to see though.

Another visitor that came fairly close to the hide was the Yellow-legged Gull and I was able to get some of my best shots of one of these chaps.

The Yellow-legged Gull then put on a bit of a show.It would fly up a little then crash into the water.What a show off !!!

Whilst watching the Gull showing off I nearly missed the Godwit that flew around a bit before landing back on the same island.Pleased with the shots because it was a long way off.

Just after the Godwit had landed and I was in relax mode and the camera still in bright sunshine settings a Water Rail raced across the front of the hide.

I headed to the cafe after this having had for me a marathon session in the EM hide (over 2hrs) but it had been one of my better sessions with the camera at Brandon for ages.

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