Thursday, 19 December 2013


As soon as I saw it was sunny on Thursday morning I raced through some household chores and grabbed the camera and headed over to Marsh Lane.What I hoped to do was get some shots of the Peregrine that my friend and well known wildlife photographer Kat Everitt had got earlier in the week.

Got there not long after 9.30 AM to find it sunny but damn cold.Would my thermals be penetrated ? 

Found the Peregrine straight away but it was a long way off sitting in it's favourite tree in the flood plane field.It loves that tree and stays in it for ages.Headed down to the Oak hide where I joined Stuart from Upton Warren and we enjoyed a Water Rail fest in the marsh where two of them showed very well for a while.When one came close it was in the gloom so tricky to get a nice shot of but very nice to see.

On the way back to the car park I spotted the resident Kestrel hunting and although it was far off managed some decent shots mainly due to the bright sunshine for once being behind me.

So where are the Peregrine shots then.The miserable so and so was still in it's tree where it had stayed for well over two hours.Here's a heavily cropped shot which is all I managed.Pathetic !!!!

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