Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Feeling very depressed after some early morning shopping at the local Tescos I grabbed the camera and shot off to Marsh Lane.Got there not long after 9.00 AM to find it pretty gloomy.

Before telling of my struggles to get some shots at Marsh Lane here are a couple of shots of a pair of Winter Thrushes.Only so so pics but they were taken from my back garden.First visit of the Winter.

The lane at Marsh Lane from the cottages down to the car park gate was alive with birds that unfortunately always kept 50m ahead of me as I crept slowly along.Lots of Redwings, Fieldfares, Reed Buntings and Chaffinches etc but also my first Yellowhammers this Winter.Managed some shots but the light was dreadful.

Didn't see much on my visit round the hides as you can see as the only shots I took were of the resident Black Swan in flight.

Recently I've been taking a country route home back to Knowle and this morning I was lucky when I spotted a Common Buzzard sitting on top of an electrical pole.For once it didn't fly off as I parked about 30m away.

Much swearing took place as I struggled to get me and the camera through an open window but I managed a couple of shots before it flew off.Pity about the light.

It soon flew off down the lane but not before it gave me it's opinion of my photography skills.

It only flew off down the lane to the next pole which unfortunately there were twigs in the way.


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