Sunday, 26 January 2014


On Saturday morning as soon as I saw that the weather was going to go down the pan that afternoon and be pretty grim on Sunday and Monday I decided to get out there with the camera.However where to go locally was a problem with nothing decent about as far as I knew.In the end I decided to go to Hopwood again and hope that the Great Grey Shrike would for once come into range.

Got there at 10.30 AM and luckily my good friend Pete Walkden was there and he had the Shrike in view but unfortunately it was right down the field on or around the Oak tree.

I was there for about 3 hours in total and in all that time it only came closer twice and then only for short periods and still about 150m away.Took loads of shots but I'm blowed if I could focus on it against the undergrowth background.This is my best shot. 

I'd brought with me my new camera the Canon SX50 bridge camera which is really just a fun camera that can do everything quite well.It does have a huge zoom feature however so I had a go with that.The first shot is about 200m away and the second one is about 150m away.Not bad for a little camera.

Whilst waiting for the Shrike to show we were entertained by a few birds of prey including a Common Buzzard,a Kestrel and a Sparrowhawk.The Buzzard was the only one that came close.

The Buzzard showed again later on and whilst it was looking for food it was attacked by a Crow who eventually chased it off.

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