Friday, 31 January 2014


This morning as soon as I saw that the weather from lunchtime onwards was going to be stormy for a couple of days I thought I'd better get out there with the camera.I decided to go to Coleshill to try and see the Hume's Leaf Warbler that Dave Hutton had found last Saturday.

Things got off to a very poor start when I parked up near the bridge at 9.30 AM.Firstly I'd forgotten my mobile so what would I do if I needed help.Secondly my camera was dead and had developed a battery communication fault (this sounded like lots of £).Thirdly it was very gloomy,cold and muddy there not conditions suitable for a Wimp. 

Did have some luck though Dave Hutton was there and so was the bird because he had heard it calling however it wasn't till well over an hour before I had a very brief sighting.Dave was up on the bridge and called down he'd heard it call in the bushes below the bridge.At the same time a bird flew from the bush near the river across the water to the other side.A birder next to me said that that was it.A very brief view but glad I saw it.

The pic below shows were it was.Low in the bushes  to the right and then it flew across to the other bank and out of site.Stayed another hour and although I heard it call once I never saw it again.

Last Winter I boasted to anyone who would listen how good my back garden feeders were at attracting decent birds.This year they've been very poor but one gloomy morning earlier in the week a couple of Lesser Redpolls dropped in for a quick feed.

Have now found out the camera is caput and will need to be sent back to Canon for repair.This could be costlty.OH Dear ! ! !

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