Friday, 14 February 2014


Shock Horror ! ! Out at Marsh Lane yesterday I actually found a decent bird and I very rarely find a bird myself.The last one was a few years ago at Draycote Water when I found a Purple Sandpiper near the outlet.This time it was not in that class but still most welcome as they are in short supply this Winter.It was a Bittern.

On my own in the Oak hide at about 1.00 PM I was searching the marsh for a Jack Snipe when a bird dropping down in the reeds on the corner of the railway pool nearest to the causeway caught my eye.I only had a brief glimpse before it disappeared but I knew it was a Bittern.Shortly after I was joined in the hide by Jeff Rankin and together we waited patiently for it to reappear.

At 1.30 PM it did but it had moved along the reeds to much nearer the River hide.It took off cleared the stream line trees and appeared to drop into the reed bed pool.Jeff moved as fast as a young hungry Cobra and rattled off some shots.I moved as slow as an aged Sloth with arthritis and didn't get any.Damn ! ! But I did find it which was very pleasing.

I'd gone out earlier in the week to visit a hide that's in the grounds of a garden centre near Alcester to have a go taking videos with the SX50.The hide is at the edge of a wood and there is food put out for the wildlife.Got some pretty decent videos and a couple of shots of a GS Woody.

The good news is that the 7D my main camera is back from the repairers.The bad news was that it cost me £220.What a rip off ! ! Keen to get out with it to check it out it wasn't till Friday lunchtime that the weather was decent enough to go out and have a go with it and see if it OK.

Went to Marsh Lane which was a good choice because I found the Bittern there.On the shots front I struggled a bit in the conditions but did manage a few. 


Trees Planet said...

All the birds are so nice. But First one is very very nice. What is the name of it?

Max Silverman said...

HI Trees Planet.Thanks for your comments.
If you mean the bird in the blog itself it's a Great Spotted Woodpecker.If you mean the bird in the title it's a White Spotted Bluethroat which I took at Welney in Norfolk a few years ago.