Wednesday, 5 February 2014


With my main camera a Canon 7D off to the repairers (£220.00 ouch !) I thought I'd have a go with the Canon SX50 bridge camera.

Now don't get me wrong you'll never match the quality of shots taken with a DSLR set up but these little bridge cameras are getting pretty good these days.My own set up the Canon 7D and 400 prime lens will set you back £1500 + and if you want to get a Canon 500 f4 lens with a top Canon camera,decent tripod and teleconverters you will have to cough up £15,000 but this little bridge camera costs £250.Makes you think.

Took these two Lesser Redpolls shots in my back garden a couple of days ago.About 5m away 

On Tuesday morning I took the little camera down to Marsh Lane to test the 50X zoom feature.These Wigeon were about 20m away.

This is a wide angle shot taken from the Railway hide.Nice to see blue skies for a change.

These Cormorants were about 50m away.

This Grey Heron was about 70m away.

This is a shot of the very miserable Peregrine that's often at Marsh Lane which sits in trees for hours on end and does nothing else.It was about 150m away and is pretty poor.The Little Egret was over 200m away. 

Tried to upload a video showing the zoom feature but had to reduce the quality to upload it so it's not very good which is a shame because the video feature on this camera is excellent. The HD version on my computer is really very good.The Swan was about 200m away.

A great little fun camera which I'm looking forward to having a go at the macro feature when butterflies etc, reappear.

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James Crutchley said...

Macro is really good on these cameras!

Roll on the spring. Plenty of bugs and creepy crawlies to photograph. Great blog btw.