Tuesday, 18 March 2014


I hadn't been out birding for a few days as I'd been on gardening leave.Literally on gardening leave as over the weekend and into Monday as I'd dug over both the front and back gardens which left me aching all over and very much in wimp mode by Tuesday morning.It would need something special for me to be dragged out.

Something special did turn up.The Firecrest that Matt Griffiths found the day before in Earslwood was still there and as it was pretty near for me I shot over there arriving in the pub car park at 9.30 AM.As usual there was good and bad news.The good was that Matt was there.The bad was that the light was horrendous in the coppice and the forecast of "It will be dry and you will be unlucky to get a light shower this morning" was in fact "continuous drizzle with a deluge at 11.30 AM" 

Matt was excellent as he found the Firecrest several times during my 2 hour stay but I'm blowed if I could focus on it  and that coupled with the rain and the very gloomy conditions I couldn't even get a decent crappograph.The company was good however and the banter amusing so all was not lost.Here are my best shots which I hope you can see it was a Firecrest.They could well be the worst ever shots of one.

Here are a couple of shots of a Firecrest I took earlier.Much earlier in fact.The first was taken in Feb 2008 at Alvecote and the second in Feb 2009 at Hams Hall.

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