Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Went to Marsh Lane Tuesday lunchtime and was relieved to find it quite warm.I had done some early morning shopping and had found it bitterly cold which made me think I returned my thermals to the bank vault much too early.This can be fatal.

A good look round all the pools revealed only a pair of Dunlin very distant on the railway pool far too far off for any shots.I had however seen a few butterflies so I went back to the car to get the SX50 camera which I was keen to try on them.Here are a few shots I got and I'm pretty pleased with the shots you can get on a cheap bridge camera.


Whilst wandering around I came across Jeff Rankin who was in macro mode also getting some early shots of butterflies.


Ragged Robin said...

Those butterfly shots are excellent. I'm very interested to see results of the Canon SX50 as I'm quite tempted to buy one to save dragging a dslr bag and several different lens around!

Jason K said...

It's great to see a few butterflies back on the wing Max!

I also use an SX50 and swear by's nice and light to carry about all day walking around in the field and the image quality is very good considering it is not a DSLR