Saturday, 22 March 2014


Having had a couple of wonderful mornings at Earlswood searching for and struggling to get shots of the Firecrest I have had to come back down to earth because it may have moved on.What a cracking bird I hope it's still about.

Did have another go for it Friday morning but in an hours stay I never heard it let alone see it.I'd gone into proper birders mode and picked a spot where I'd seen it before and waited patiently for it to appear but no luck.No other birders were there which may be a significant pointer.In the gloom I did see a couple of Treecreepers though.

Paid a flying visit to Marsh Lane at lunchtime but the weather had gone down the pan and it was cold and windy.Didn't see another birder there also.Where people avoiding me ??

Didn't see anything new but rattled off a few shots to avoid the camera rusting up.

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