Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Hadn't been to Brandon Marsh for ages so when it looked on Monday morning that it would be sunny I grabbed the camera and headed over there.My main target was to get some first of the year Chiffchaff shots which had eluded me so far.

Got there at 9.30 AM and found it bright and a bit breezy.I'd walked all the way round to the golf course and although I'd heard a few Chiffchaffs I'd not taken a shots as they were too high in the trees.All was not lost as a couple of Common Buzzards were enjoying the sunny weather.   

As I walked down the main path  I spotted this Treecreeper looking for food near the Baldwin hide.

I knew that a pair of Avocets had been seen much earlier and I'd assumed that they had gone so I was surprised when I entered the East Marsh hide to find them still there.A nice bird to find inland.Managed a few decent shots including some flight shots but as usual I struggled to get shots of a black and white bird in bright sunshine.

Went to the cafe for a cup of tea with a couple of friends at lunchtime and as we laid our gear down on the table it was interesting to see that they both had kit costing in excess of £10,000.Nearly as much as my car !! Mind you they do get some great shots.

After leaving the cafe had another go at some Chiffchaff shots.Did better but it was hell of a game to get one without the sun behind them.Do they know we're trying to take shots of them ?

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