Sunday, 30 March 2014


 I had an encounter with a Common Buzzard on Saturday morning which for once didn't fly off straight away into the distance.It was a good job I did because I had a pretty poor day's birding which was a shame because it was cracking day weather wise.

I got to Brandon Marsh not long after 9.00 AM and headed along the path past the wind pump to try and find some Warblers.Couldn't find any Willow Warblers but did OK with Chiffchaffs.

As I was standing on the path near the sheep field a couple of Common Buzzards came towards me looking great in the sunshine but just as they came into range they turned back the way they came.Typical !! A few minutes later whilst I was trying to get near another Chiffy something big flew just over my head.Not knowing what it was I have learned to take some shots and worry about the ID later and if it's a Crow so what just delete the shots.

It was a Common Buzzard and for once it didn't fly off straight away but cruised above me for a couple of minutes enabling me to rattle off plenty of shots.Amongst masses of black blobs,silhouettes and blank screen shots I managed some decent ones. 

After this bit of action things went down hill badly and I never used the camera once although I visited all the hides.As lunchtime approached I was heating up alarmingly (overdressed for the weather) and I felt hotter than being in a Swedish sauna.I then made another error because after heading back to the car and taking off a few layers I headed off to Ryton Pools where a Hoopoe had been reported earlier in the day.

Had to pay to park up which I never like and after an hour's stay I never met another birder let alone saw the bird.No one I spoke to knew anything about it so I left in a bit of a huff hoping it wasn't still there and I'd not gone to the right spot. 

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