Wednesday, 26 March 2014


On Wednesday morning I went over to Marsh Lane hoping something new had dropped in.Got there not long after 9.00 AM and had the place to myself.

Had a couple of hours there and visited every hide and the back gate coppice but didn't find anything new.What I did find was that it was bitterly cold and when I visited the railway hide I thought I'd got lost and had wandered into a large freezer.I didn't stay there long.

I did catch up with a Chiffchaff along the causeway which enabled me to get my first shots of the year of one at Marsh Lane.

The cold had got to me as lunchtime approached so I headed home.Along one of my back routes home I came across a Common Buzzard perched high up on a telegraph pole.I'd seen one perched here before but they always fly off when I'd stopped.This one didn't but of course the sun was right behind it and I could only park at an awkward angle very difficult to get the camera onto it.

I tried to get the camera onto it through a side window but the angle was too tight so after much swearing I  twisted round in the seat a bit more and just about got onto it.I then made a major mistake and thought I could twist around a bit more to get a better angle but all I got was a stabbing pain in the groin.A lot more swearing and and a Buzzard flying off. Damnation ! ! ! 

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