Monday, 28 April 2014


As I'd not been there for a few days on Monday morning I decided to go down to Marsh Lane which would be my first visit since running the traveller's gauntlet last week.Just inside  the main gate large concrete blocks have been placed on the road preventing caravans but allowing cars to pass.

The Nightingale seen on Sunday was long gone but all was not lost because the Little Gull was still present on the railway pool.Managed a few shots but just like with the Black Tern at Shustoke I struggled a bit to get a decent shot but nice to watch flying around.

Also present on the railway pool was a Ruff which hardly left the gravel spit near the river hide.Pity it didn't come any closer all day.

Did a little better with some shots of the Sedge Warblers than last time but that wasn't hard to do.

The whole time I was eating lunch in the car park my old friend the Lesser Whitethroat was calling from the old road hedgerow challenging me again to get some shots.So after lunch I took him on again and for nearly an hour we did battle.I just about managed a draw and got a couple of shots but nowhere as good as a week ago.Great fun. 

I then decided to change cameras and take the SX50 round the reserve hoping to get a video of the Ruff.As I got to the Oak hide I was told 3 Whimbrel had just dropped onto one of the railway pool islands.Cursing that I'd left the birding camera in my car I tried to get some shots with the SX50 but the battery had run out.How wonderful ! ! !

After racing back to the car to get my birding camera I was completely knackered by the time I got into the hide again.Luckily the Whimbrel were still there.Not my best ever shots but very nice to see.

They were a bit nervy and the Lapwings kept having a go at them but this gave me a go at getting some flight shots.

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