Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Although the morning was misty and there was rain in the air I went over again to Shustoke Reservoir to see if a Black Tern was about.

I was able to impress a birder when  straight away I spotted a Black Tern on the blue buoy.She must have thought I was a top birder.Little did she know.I stayed quite a while but only improved on my last shots a little.

Just as I was about to leave Bob Duckhouse turned up so I showed him to the best spot to see the Tern (just past the jetty).We had only been there a few seconds when a couple of birds took off from very near to where we were standing.Bob soon ID them as Turnstones but it took me so long for me to get sorted they were on the other side of the reservoir before I got onto them.What a shame we missed seeing them on the bank.

I then went over to Marsh lane which understandably was not so good as yesterday.I did have some success when I got some of my best shots ever of a Common Whitethroat.

As I left I had a very brief site of a couple of Muntjacs at the far end of the crop field.

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