Thursday, 10 April 2014


Before I get onto the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker I must post a couple of shots I got of a Green Woodpecker at Marsh Lane because I struggle to get good shots of these chaps.I had been after a couple of Blackcaps in the back gate coppice and was doing very poorly when a loud cackling announced the arrival of a Green Woodpecker in a nearby tree.Unfortunately for me there was a bush in the way but I managed a couple of decent pics before it flew off.

I was told on Tuesday that a pair of Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers had been spotted 
in Horsetail Glade at Brandon Marsh so on Wednesday morning I went over there to try my luck.Headed straight there and joined several other birders but after an hour with no sign I got fed up and went for a wander round the reserve.Did manage a couple of decent Blackcap shots.

After an hour I went back to Horsetail Glade but after half an hour with only a shot of a pair of Nuthatches kissing and no sign of the Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers I got fed up again and went for another walk round.

On my walk round the tip area I came across this Jay which seemed to be sunning itself and when it flew off I was very pleased to get a flight shot before it disappeared.Great looking birds.

After lunch I was back in Horsetail Glade again and joined a couple of birders who had had no luck with the Woody.After another hour with no luck and with my lower back complaining loudly ( I'd been on my feet for nearly five hours) I decided to give in and go home.Just as I was wandering off one of the birders called me over and pointed high up in one of the trees and there was one of the Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers.

It stayed around for about 40 minutes often calling and drumming but always right up the top of the very tall trees.Very difficult to get any shots not only because of the light but also there always seemed to be twigs in the way.Here are a few of my shots found amongst loads of crappographs.

 Another problem was the bird was at the top of the trees that were pretty close to the path so you were looking straight up most of the time.This puts a tremendous strain on your neck and shoulders holding the camera straight up above your head trying to get some shots.

When the bird flew off I had to give up because of the pain in my back,neck and shoulders.What a wimp !!!.As I walked through the centre I must have resembled an arthritic crab as I shuffled along and parents with young children were covering their children's eyes in case they got frightened.What we do to get some shots !!!!  


Kevin Groocock said...

Another problem that you "oldies" might suffer by straining to look up, is cutting off the blood supply to the brain by putting pressure on the carotid arteries! This can cause collapse, dizziness or even death!

Nice images!

Max Silverman said...

Cheers Kevin for that I will be careful in the future.