Saturday, 5 April 2014


On Friday morning when I saw that the weekend was going to dull and wet I thought I'd better get out there with the camera today. I decided to go to Brandon Marsh hoping that the gloomy weather would brighten up.

I was hoping to get some Willow Warbler and Blackcap shots for the first time this year but although I found both without too much trouble the weather remained gloomy all morning and I'm blowed if I could get a decent shot.These two crappographs  are all I could manage of a Willow Warbler and I got no shots at all of the Blackcaps I saw. Oh Dear ! ! 

The only good thing about  the morning was the number of Treecreepers that were around.I seemed to bump into them everywhere.These were taken in a pretty dark Horsetail Glade so I was pleased with the results.

Saw nothing from any of the hides to point the camera at so as it was showing no sign of brightening up at lunchtime I decided to head home.The trouble for me now visiting Brandon Marsh is I have to battle through the roadworks at the Tollbar island which can be formidable and go on to well into 2016.Oh Dear ! ! !

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