Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Went to Marsh Lane on Monday morning and Brandon Marsh this morning but before I report on those trips I'd like to post a dabble I had with my SX50 bridge camera at macro photography.A spider of some sort found in my conservatory.

Went to Marsh Lane pretty early on Monday and confess I was badly caught out by how cold it was.A very cold wind was blowing into the hides and I was unable to stay in them too long.

Got a nice flight shot of a Gadwall on the CP pool and a Linnet along the causeway. 

Took me ages to get a decent shot of a Willow Warbler this year but I caught up with one in the back gate coppice.Also in there were at least 3 Blackcaps chasing a lone female but they wouldn't stay still so no shots.

There was a Common Sandpiper on the CP pool but too far for me to get any shots but got a so so shot of it in flight.A Redshank came pretty close to the hide and I'm sure it winked at me.

Went over to Brandon Marsh this morning hoping I could find the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker again but I didn't. Did see the Sociable Jay again and was allowed to get some more shots.What cracking looking birds.

I then did very well indeed because just past the Wright hide I got the best shots I've ever got of a Cetti's Warbler.I was able to get very close to get these shots and it did not fly off which was entirely due to my legendary field craft skills and my ability to blend into the surroundings like a Cameleon.

If you believe that load of rubbish you'll believe anything.What I left out was the fact that the bird was in the highly manicured fingers of Jim the ringer.Great too see one close up.Lovely little bird.

Came across these proud parents.

Saw a Common Whitethroat but the leaves and twigs put paid to me getting a shot and I stood under a tree for nearly 10 minutes listeneng to a Garden Warbler singing it's heart out but I'm blowed if I could see it let alone getting a shot.Did get a female Blackcap though.First of the year for me.

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