Thursday, 3 April 2014


Although rain was falling Wednesday lunchtime I went down to Marsh Lane to see if what birder friends have told me was true  ie "At this time of year rain  may bring down any migrants that are flying through".

Well after an hour I found out that this was not true.Well it wasn't true today and all I got was wet and cold.All was not lost though because a Chiffchaff feeling sorry for me posed for pics on the causeway enabling me to get my best shots of these chaps so far this year.

Back in the car park hide sheltering from another shower a Redshank also felt sorry for me and came pretty close.

I went again to Marsh Lane again this lunchtime and although it was dry it was very gloomy probably down to this Sahara dust cloud because something was getting to the back of my throat and making me cough a lot.

Very pleased to see my first Common Tern of the year on the car park pool but couldn't get a decent shot.  

I'd been in the oak hide for about 10 minutes and a scan round had revealed nothing new when I soptted just in front of the hide at the water's edge a Jack Snipe was bobbing up and down.First one I'd seen this year close enough for some shots.

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