Saturday, 12 July 2014


I would love to say that I've just returned from a flying visit round the world and these are my shots of some of the birds I caught up with but alas that's not the truth.What I did in fact was to drive over the border into Worcestershire and visit a falconry in West Hagley.

I've got very mixed feelings about falconries as I don't like to see animals that are captive but on the other hand where would I be able to see some of these fabulous birds.This falconry is situated at the back of a Webbs garden centre and is well set up with loads of stunning birds that appear to be well looked after by the staff.

Most of the birds had details on nearby plaques but not all so I hope I've not got any wrong.Most shots taken with my Canon SX50 bridge camera.These shots of some of the Owls on display.

A couple of shots of a Snowy Owl.What cracking looking birds.Love to see some in the wild.  

This next one was very impressive and is a male Turkmenian Eagle Owl from Kazakhstan/West Mongolia 

A bit more familiar is this Long-eared Owl.I saw one of these at Brandon Marsh deep in a Hawthorn bush.

This also was very impressive.It's a male Eagle Owl from India,Nepal and Pakistan.

This one was a very cute and quite small.It's female Northern Hawk Owl from Northern Europe and Russia.

         I will shortly post some of the shots of the birds of prey I managed if I can sort out the ID's that is.

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