Saturday, 12 July 2014


Some more shots taken last week at the falconry at West Hagley.These are the ones I can ID from the notes I took at the time.Well I think I can.I'll have to do some editing if I'm wrong.

The first shot is of a Rappell's Griffin Vulture which is found in Central Africa.It was a massive and scary bird.Glad it was well caged.

This next shot is of a male African Fish Eagle.It is a really powerful bird that I'm sure would be great to watch in action in the wild.

The next shot is of a male Ferruginous Hawk which is found in North America.Another great looking bird.It called out very loudly quite a lot.

These next few shots are of a juvenile Harris Hawk from Central and South America.The last two shots are of it when it was brought out to be fed.Amazing to see close up.

The last two shots are of possibly my favourite bird of my visit.A spectacular looking bird.It's a Buteleur Eagle (I hope I've spelt that right).It's found in Central/South Africa.

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