Monday, 28 July 2014


This morning I went on a twitch to Middleton Hall NR to try for the Pacific Golden Plover and get a Life Tick.

Hadn't been to Middleton Hall for many months because it is not my favourite reserve.This is due to the fact that as it's DPTMW ratio for me is very poor (The Decent Shots Taken per Mile Walked ratio).I usually have to walk miles and with my lens due to the distance the birds are away I hardly ever get a decent shot.Great place though for birders with big scopes.

Joined many other birders watching the Plover along a pathway.I stayed for well over 2 hours and the crowd varied between 12 and up to 50.Here is a shot of some of the crowd.

Amongst the crowd from about 11.00 AM onwards was this chap.I'd never met Lee Evans before and found him very friendly and good company. 

As expected the Plover was a long way off and the whole time I was there it remained in a patch no bigger than a door mat and was often hidden in the undergrowth.It really looked great when viewed through a big scope.

I amassed a huge quantity of super crappographs.These are my best shots so you can imagine how bad the others were.Still a Life Tick so who cares ! ! !

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