Sunday, 27 July 2014


Early Sunday morning I tootled over to Seeswood Pools again to see if the Night Heron was still around.As I parked up at just after 8.00AM another car pulled up and a chap got out who had come all the way from Essex to get some shots of the Heron.I took him with me to the viewing area hoping for his sake the bird showed.

To cut a long storey short after 2 hours it hadn't showed the Essex man had left and had gone to try and get the Plover at Middleton Hall.All I'd seen was a Peregrine that flew over and a pair of Kingfishers on the far bank.

At 10.00 AM there were only 4 birders including me there (one of whom had come all the way down from Altrinchham)  and I thought it's not here so I'm off.I then had a great bit of luck because when I was chatting to Ms Everitt on my way out one of the birders spotted it coming out into the open.

Needless to say I didn't go but it was a close call.Here are a couple of shots as it emerged into the open.

I don't know how they did it but almost straight after it showed several birders appeared from nowhere and enjoyed good views straightaway.That's the way to do it ! ! Included in this group were 4 lads from Durham  who once they had seen the bird and got their tick shot off to get the next tick.Surprised that they didn't want to watch this great bird in action even for a short while.

For the next 30 minutes it wandered around a lot  and I managed a few decent shots but it was a pity about the twigs and branches that got in the way a lot.

It did have a short flight whilst I was there but it caught me unawares and I ended up with a crappograph which was a shame.

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