Tuesday, 12 August 2014


After some early morning shopping on Tuesday morning I popped over to Marsh Lane hoping to beat the showers forecast for later.When I got there I was surprised it was still so breezy and pretty chilly.Surely Autumn wasn't here yet.

Joined some friends in the CP hide and after we had watched 500+ Geese all take off at the same time Jeff spotted a Godwit in the open water.None of us had seen it drop in.Annoyingly for quite a while it fed in deep water and it was hard to get a shot of it with it's head above water.

After a while it flapped it's wings and showed it was a Black-tailed Godwit.

After it had flown to the back of one of the islands I checked out the other hides and found from the Oak hide one of the four Common Sandpipers reported to be on site.

I then popped back to the CP hide to see if the Godwit was showing any better.Luckily I just got there when it was on the nearest island and I managed some shots before it raced off.

Whilst in the CP hide I had another go at getting some Sand Martin flight shots.I managed a couple but could not managed last week's effort.Good fun though.

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