Monday, 11 August 2014


I checked on the cracking male Common Redstart I found down Netherwood Lane again this morning and as he has done for every visit very soon appeared on the fencing that runs along a paddock on private land.

He has been there now for a least 18 days since I first spotted it.I have checked on him 12 times during that time and he has showed every time but he will disappear for long periods.The bad news for me is that you cannot get close to him to get a really good shot.

The land owner who has become a friend since I gave him some photographs of his Redstart has given me permission to enter the paddock but because there is no cover in there the bird would be scared off so I have not taken up his offer.

One of my better shots with the 7D/400 prime lens is this one which shows how far the bird is away (approx 25m at best).

This morning I had another go with the Canon SX50 bridge camera on full optical zoom with the 2X converter switched on.You get closer shots but the quality suffers a lot.These are the best of the morning's shots which are not too bad.

Whilst waiting for the Redstart to show over the last few days I've managed to see other birds from the same spot.A very nice Yellowhammer showed the other day but the SX50 is so slow to focus I missed it.It's a good spot for raptors because I've seen Kestrels and Sparrowhawks but both not close.Common Buzzards sometimes drift over and I managed a few shots last week.

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