Wednesday, 20 August 2014


On Tuesday morning I went over to Marsh Lane.Yet again the weather man had got it wrong and instead of being bright it was gloomy and a strong wind was blowing.Worst of all was that it was bitterly cold.

Had a good look round but struggled to find anything of note.Did get a couple of shots of what I think is a young Linnet on the causeway.

There were quite a lot of Hirundines whizzing round the CP pool and I couldn't resist at having a go at some flight shots.What a game that is.Almost impossible.These are the best (or should that be the least bad) of what I managed.

On Monday afternoon I'd gone over to see if Red was still there because he must soon fly off to Africa.Luckily he was still there and he must be getting used to me now because he let me get some decent shots.I'll miss him when he goes.

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