Monday, 1 September 2014


On Saturday I resisted going over to Draycote Water to see the Cattle Egret which was a wise decision because it had gone and was not seen.Instead I went to Brandon Marsh for the first time in many weeks.

Got there at not long after 9.00 AM to find it a bit gloomy.Soon teamed up with a couple of friends and together we visited most of the hides but after over 2 hours we had not used our cameras at all.It was very quiet.

Did visit the new hide which was very impressive although even for me the benches seemed too high which makes it almost impossible to get any flight shots without crouching right down.There are two ponds close in front of the hide which is great for photography.It's a pity that that weed has taken over there.

Monday lunchtime I went over to Marsh Lane and got there just as the rain started again.From the car park hide I found a Dunlin and managed some shots in the gloom. 

As the Dunlin moved round feeding it kept having a set-to with a LRP. 

During another shower a Little Egret dropped in which was the first I'd seen for a while now.

Another old friend that I hadn't seen for ages now also dropped in.The Bar-headed Goose.

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